winter hush

it has been a nice and quiet snowy winter and i have been lucky enough to spend this time working on new projects and trying out new techniques. 2014 is going to be a great year working with new clients and i am thrilled that last year’s clients are now booking me again, it’s the best feeling.

i’m working on collaborating with some fantastic people too, new projects are being hashed out and i can’t wait to share them all.

many new posts are on their way, here is a preview of some of the things to come. enjoy!

THE MAX! i feel very lucky to have the opportunity to not only pursue photography full time, but to spend my days with this guy. i take LOTS of photos of my kid so it’s only right that there will be one or two blog posts coming up that are dedicated to that :)


LENS CHIMPING! i started playing around with a prism. i follow a photographer named sam hurd on facebook, he is incredibly talented and creative and he is kind enough to share techniques. i have become obsessed with lens chimping thanks to him. check out his post about this technique here. i may have taken apart one of max’s toys so i could use the lens inside.


MACRO! I invested in a new macro lens. i have taken so many photos with this thing that i feel completely overwhelmed with the amount of editing i have ahead of me! i can’t wait for summer and sitting in my gardens with the bees and bugs.


MUSIC! i am getting back out there, i’m rusty but it feels great to be documenting my favorite thing again. this time around with far less jameson. i started a tumblr as a blank canvas for sharing my music photography, link coming soon!


COLLABORATION! There’s some pretty amazing projects coming up, one or two of them with this super talented woman…stay tuned!


5 Comments on “winter hush

  1. So inspiring! It’s really all cocktails and dreams from here on out iceman.

    • It’s taking a lot of time for me to get a hang of it too, but this blog post from sam hurd was what got me interested and started. I hope that helps!

  2. Can I know what lens you are using for this lens chimping technique? I try to use 50 & 85 but all become like macro lens, the distance need very close up the subject just can get the focus point. Appreciate your advise.

    • for the photos here, I used a 50mm with a prism and it gave the double kind of look. I also had the same macro results when i used a convex lens over my 50mm camera lens. I shot a wedding last weekend and I tried using my 24/70 lens instead and my results weren’t exactly great. I’m heading back out this weekend with friends to just shoot and experiment, I’ll let you know if I get anything better. I’m thinking about taking sam hurd’s epic workshop so I can get this right!

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