Sarah Barthlow Photography


I love what I do.

I want to photograph everything and everyone and when I’m not shooting I get really antsy, really fast. I can’t imagine doing anything but this, a few years ago I walked out of my web design job to make sure that what I love is what I do every day.

I do my best to make people laugh and feel comfortable in front of my camera, I want to capture natural smiles. If I’m photographing your kids, I want them to run and jump and yell and play and get dirty. If I’m photographing your wedding, I want you to sing and dance and laugh and kiss. I love color and motion, I love high contrast black and white images.

I’m an adorer of music, art and movies. I married a graphic designer and together we have a crazy little boy who makes us equally happy and exhausted.

I think red wine and/or chocolate chip cookies fix everything. I’m addicted to cooking shows and I believe everyone is happier on a bike.

If you have any questions or would like to meet up and chat about scheduling a session, drop me an email at info{at}

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