Sarah Barthlow Photography

Can my family and friends take photos at my wedding?
Sure! As long as they don’t get in the way, I don’t have a problem with it, but I will give you a discount if you make your wedding an unplugged affair.

Are you a full-time photographer?
Yes indeed, this is my full-time job.

What do you shoot with?
A camera. Ha! Just kidding. I shoot with Canon cameras and lenses, I am currently shooting with a Canon 5d mark iii and I am in LOVE with my prime lenses. If you’d like to talk shop and specs, drop me a line and I will bore you to death with all the technical details.

What are your rates?
My rates vary depending on length of your wedding day and location of venue. I like to be as flexible as possible with my pricing, some couples require a long day, some require just a few hours for a smaller occasion, please email me at and I’ll send you a quote or price list ASAP.

Do you photograph families, children and babies?
Of course! I have yet to find a subject that I don’t love to photograph. Please fill out my contact form if you’re interested in a session and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

How do I pay and sign my contract?
I use an online contract software called CudaSign, it is a cloud-based provider of electronic signature technology. You can pay your deposit via PayPal or by popping an old fashioned check in the mail.

How many photos do you deliver from my wedding?
It really depends on the length of your wedding day. Typically, I shoot for 6-8 hours and deliver between 400 and 700 photos.

Can I see a complete wedding gallery?
Sure can! I can send you a gallery link.

Are you available for travel?
Absolutely! Additional charges may apply depending on location, but I’d LOVE to get out of Michigan for a bit. Not that I don’t love it here, it’s a fantastic place, it is America’s high five after all.

Do you supply a print release?
Yes! You can print your photos when and where you like, your online gallery is available for sharing and download for a full year, so you have plenty of time. I do offer high quality printing thru the galleries if you choose to order thru me, the prints are gorgeous and well worth the few extra dollars.

What is the best way to contact you?
Email works best for me, if I’m not shooting, I’m editing or online. My laptop is my best friend sometimes. Once we do a bit of chatting online, it’s always nice to meet up for coffee or a drink and if you’re far away, we can always Skype!

What’s your favorite movie?
Breaking Away(1979), great movie about underdogs and biking.