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MacCormick MaternityJuly 28, 2016

I used to get so nervous whenever I had a maternity session booked. I’m not sure why, but I would get sweaty and chatty and start spewing lame jokes whenever it came time to pose the parents to be. After a while, I realized that they’re just as or even more nervous than me and their reasons for being nervous were obviously more valid than my own.

I now have my nerves in check(most days) and I do my best to make my clients comfortable in front of my camera. When working with soon to be parents, I talk through direction, I have the future mom and dad talk to one another about each other and their new baby, the nervousness fades and the smiles are sweet.

Full disclosure, Amanda is a good friend, so working with her was pretty easy. She’s one of the funniest women I have ever met and she’s going to be an awesome mother. Her husband is adorable when he looks at his wife, his smiles are a definite sign of what a loving and proud dad he’s going to be. Oh babies.

Congratulations MacCormick family, I can’t wait to meet your new little guy!

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Hustek Family.July 7, 2016

I may have a small obsession with sunset golden hour sessions, I can’t help myself, the light is pure magic. Hustek1 Hustek2 Hustek3 Hustek4 Hustek5 Hustek6 Hustek7 Hustek8 Hustek9 Hustek10 Hustek11 Hustek12 Hustek13

Freddy is 3June 29, 2016

Running around a library, both inside and out!

All of the sudden, Freddy is a big kid!

Freddy3_5 Freddy3_6 Freddy3_7 Freddy3_10 Freddy3_22 Freddy3_23 Freddy3_30 Freddy3_31 Freddy3_35 Freddy3_38

Abigayle, Justin and HarperMay 20, 2016

I love shooting family photo sessions. I love running around with kids and cracking them up, I leave these sessions happy and covered in mud and grass and sometimes burs. This session was particularly special because at the halfway mark, there was a surprise proposal. I was in on the surprise but it didn’t stop my eyes from welling up….thank the stars for waterproof mascara. I love that I have an opportunity to capture the special moments of my clients’ lives, it’s such an honor.

Congratulations Abigayle, Justin and Harper, I wish you all the happiness in the world!


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Lindsay and Ryan. Grand Rapids, Michigan.May 12, 2016

A perfect ceremony in the woods followed by a dance filled reception at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, perfect. Did I mention there was a carousel?

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