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Sarah and Martin. Engaged.March 1, 2017

I’m proud that I am now a punctual person, with work that is. I used to be late for everything, and if it’s something going on in my personal life, I’m still going to be late, but I have never been late to a session, event or wedding, until this past November.

On the way to Sarah and Martin’s engagement session, I found myself tangled in traffic caused by some classic Michigan road construction. When I finally arrived to the park, I was greeted by the slowest driver I have ever had the displeasure of following behind. I ran to our designated meeting spot and I was a frantic mess and dug thru my purse for a few quarters to buy seeds for the birds, I figured we could spend a few minutes doing this while I composed myself from my stressful drive. I never expected that the birds would set the tone for the session.

It’s hard not to smile when a chickadee lands on your hand and hangs out for a bit, this made for some wonderfully genuine moments, when there’s something to focus on while being photographed,¬†everyone is relaxed because no one is aware of the camera. The soft, warm light of the late afternoon diffused through the trees and the pops of burnt orange leaves made for some unexpected beauty. Sarah even had the opportunity to charm a cardinal to eat from her hand, it was magic.

After editing this collection of photos and uploading them to their gallery, I proudly flipped through them one more time before sending them to Sarah and Martin. Sending a gallery of photos to a client can be a daunting task, I go through a wave of feelings. Sometimes, I look at the photos and I get that zap of emotion, knowing that I took what was in my head¬†and brought it to life, but once I hit send, I go from excitement to anxiety, until I hear back that’s where I remain.

47 minutes after I sent Sarah the gallery link, she emailed me back, telling me that she was so happy with the photos because “they looked like us”. For me, there are no better words to read.

Congratulations to Sarah and Martin, I can’t wait to work with you again at your wedding in the Fall.

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Karen and Brian. Engaged.December 13, 2016

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Kristen and Brandon. Engaged.November 20, 2016

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