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Peyton. Class of 2018.October 6, 2017

I love Michigan. I love the water and the woods, the sunsets and beaches, I love it all. When I was contacted to shoot Peyton’s senior photos in the “thumb”, I was so excited. I have been to the “thumb” but this time I was going to be introduced to the area by people who grew up there and also still live there. My hopes were high that they would show me some secret beauty on the shores of Lake Huron and they did not disappoint.

Peyton is a young woman who has a wonderfully bright future, she takes great pride in who she is and she projects a light on all who surround her, the world could use more people like this. During her session, when I would ask her for a serious face, the next frame she was beaming with the brightest smile or she would burst into laughter, her humor and silliness made this session so much fun.

We wrapped up our day on the beach watching the sun set, Peyton said “there’s nothing like a HuCo sunset”. I have always been partial to the northwest parts of Michigan, but after seeing that sunset on Lake Huron, I may have to explore the thumb more in the future.

I have to thank my friends Lisa and Casey for making this shoot happen and for carting me around, I’m lucky to have awesome supportive women surrounding me, love you ladies! xo

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Mackenzie. Detroit Senior Portrait Session.January 10, 2017

Years ago, the first photography session I ever booked was a senior session. In the time since I only booked a senior here and there, my focus was on family and wedding photography. A good friend recently inquired about booking a senior session for her niece, Mackenzie, I excitedly took the booking but then began to worry about how the session would unfold since I have little experience with them and didn’t even know what to charge. I’m happy to report that this session was a total success and a ton of fun, thanks mainly to Mackenzie and her aunt who kept the smiles and laughs rolling for the entire shoot. Laughter and movement are the most important tools in my opinion and the results are natural and relaxed, I couldn’t be happier with this set of images.

I’m currently working on senior portrait session packages for 2017, updates coming soon!

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